DA to Licensure Program

DA to Licensure Program – a pathway to licensure for working dental assistants

This unique program is specially designed for working entry-level dental assistants who need an alternative to a full-time RDA educational program.  With the ultimate goal of obtaining a license as a Registered Dental Assistant, students will use a combination of their current work experience with our formal education to meet the Dental Board requirements to apply to complete their State licensing examination.

The requirements for this program are as follows:

  • must be at least 17 years of age and have a current, valid drivers license

  • must be currently employed as a dental assistant for at least four (4) months

  • must be able to attend classes two (2) evenings each week and three (3) Saturdays per month

  • must be able to complete 720 hours of verifiable hours in a dental office performing all dental assistant and some RDA functions while enrolled in the program

Upon graduation from the DA to Licensure program, the student will have completed 500 hours of formal education, which shall apply toward the required 1280 hours and 15-months work experience the Dental Board requires for application to take the RDA examinations.  Enrolled students shall attend class two evenings per week from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm and three Saturdays per month from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.  During their enrollment, students will obtain all theoretical knowledge, complete dental assistant and RDA tasks in a simulated lab environment and all the necessary clinical competencies needed to successfully pass the licensure examinations after all work experience and certifications have been obtained.

Our DA to Licensure program will provide students with the follow certifications:

  • 8-hour Infection Control certification

  • 2-hour Dental Practice and Dental Assisting Jurisprudence certification

  • HIPAA and HITECH certification

  • BLS certification for healthcare providers through the American Heart Association

  • Radiation Safety certification

  • Coronal Polish certification (only toward the end of program just prior to application to the Dental Board)

In addition, the student will learn the theory behind each allowable duty for the unlicensed assistant, the theory and clinical performance of most of the RDA functions (will not include P/F Sealants which will be obtained post-licensure in accordance with the Dental Board provisions), and will complete their education simultaneous to meeting the work experience requirements so that the student can apply for their RDA immediately upon graduation from the program.

This uniquely created program is terrific for those seeking licensure without the full-time commitment of an RDA program.  All certification courses completed while enrolled in the DA to Licensure program are Dental Board approved and all hours completed in the program will be verified by the Program Director on the students licensure application along with all necessary verifiable work experience from the employing dentist.

For more information about the DA to Licensure program, please contact our office at (916) 358-3825 and ask to make an appointment to see our facility and meet with our staff to obtain more information.