RDA Program

The FADE Institute RDA Program

The dental community asked for something different, something powerful, and something meaningful for those wishing to obtain their license as a Registered Dental Assistant. Today, the FADE Institute is proving how educational programs for the dental assisting community can and should be producing well-informed, progressive, reliable RDAs.

Our one (1) year program consists of approximately 1100 hours of didactic, laboratory and clinical education whereby students attend classes based on a community college quarter system.  Each quarter students complete the equivalent of three college-level courses every seven (7) to eight (8) weeks attending a total of 18 hours of on-campus class time at the Institute per week.  We are proud to have developed a unique assemblage of courses that go beyond minimum standards as set forth by the Dental Board.  Students will acquire the knowledge, skill and clinical competency necessary for their successful completion of the State licensing examinations and will not formally graduate from the program until such time as their examinations have been successfully completed.

In addition, our RDA program has included the educational requirements and clinical competencies necessary for them to acquire the Orthodontic Assistant Permit upon completion of their RDA licensure examination. With the RDA and the OAP in hand, our graduates will have acquired all the education and clinical readiness dental professionals in our community have been wanting for a very long time.  Our program is difficult, different and progressive – and only just the beginning for our students.

The FADE Institute RDA program is a stepping stone for our students to effectively continue on with their educational and professional development goals by allowing them entry into our RDAEF2 program, our most successful endeavor thus far, allowing our graduates to pursue the highest level of licensure available for an allied clinician in California.

We encourage all those interested in learning more about our new RDA program to contact our office at (916) 358-3825 and ask to schedule an appointment to visit our facility and dedicated faculty.  The Institute  will only enroll a maximum of ten students per year into the RDA program and will work with all those serious about a life-long career in allied dental healthcare to achieve their goals.